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Hanina Fine Arts specialises in high-calibre modern European paintings and sculpture and has become London’s leading specialist in the post-war avant-garde School of Paris, regularly presenting contextual exhibitions exploring historical, social and cultural aspects of the post-war period such as “The Second Sex” (Simone de Beauvoir’s title of her incendiary 1949 book) presenting women artists from that time and highlighting the prejudice and adversity they faced; “Émigrés” looking at the invaluable influence of immigrant artists in Paris; “Poets & Artists” (Critic’s Choice in the Financial Times); “Art & Architecture”… and many more.


The owner, Mr Yuval Hanina, has over 50 years of experience in the field, first based in New York where his refreshing eye gained the attention of some of the metropolis’s most eminent collectors. Yuval recalls when he bought his first home in New York, he adorned the walls with paintings long before he gave a thought to acquiring furniture. His infectious enthusiasm and unerring eye for quality, along with a reputation for recognising hidden treasures and always seeming to be a step ahead of the masses, led to many friends becoming clients, and clients becoming friends.


Having built up a distinguished reputation and substantial business in New York by the late 1980’s, Yuval and Mary Hanina decided it was time to expand to London with its rise to prominence in the international art market, and in 1992 opened a gallery in Notting Hill. Although considered a radical alternative to the traditional Bond Street gallery location, it heralded the dramatic rise of Notting Hill to the chic neighbourhood it is today. The gallery which Yuval designed himself, (being an Architectural Association RIBA qualified architect), won an award and proved a tremendous success, becoming a favourite haunt of collectors and top interior designers looking for the prestige of Classical Modernism, and iconic 1950’s avant-garde. In 2011, with increasingly international clientele, the gallery moved to Mayfair, the epicentre of the art establishment, where it continues to flourish in the increasingly global art world.


The gallery prides itself on its reputation for scholarly research, and regularly works with museums and assisting curators, such as the “Dora Maar” retrospective at the Pompidou and Tate; “Femmes Années 50’s” at the Musée Soulages; “Marcelle Cahn” at the Musée Strasbourg; “César Domela” at the Stedelijk Museum; and recently the Whitechapel Gallery with their exhibition “Women Artists of Global Abstraction 1940-1970”.


After fifty years of business Yuval has had the pleasure of sharing his knowledge and helping cultivate numerous collections and see them evolve with their owners, a vocation he enjoys with undiminishing enthusiasm. The enjoyment of art, he affirms, is a timeless and eternal pleasure.

“The gallery’s steady success is based on an acute eye for pictorial quality,
and meticulous research!”
Nicholas Usherwood,  Galleries Magazine.


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