Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925: MOMA NY
23/12/12-15/04/13 Museum of Modern Art, New York

The exhibition brings together many of the most influential works in abstraction’s early history such as Leopold Survage’s “Les Rythmes Colorées” from 1913 and covers a wide range of artistic production, including paintings, drawings, books, sculptures, films, photographs, sound poems, atonal music, and non-narrative dance, to draw a cross-media portrait of these watershed years.

Survage "Les Rythmes Colorées"
Groundbreaking 1913 abstract film realised.

Leopold Survage’s groundbreaking series “Les Rythmes Colorées” from 1913 which he envisioned being transformed into an abstract animated film, but was never realised due to the outbreak of WWI, has now at last been digitally created.