FAMM - Museum of Women Artists opens
21/6/24, Mougins

An unparalleled museum in Europe that repositions women in art history opens on the Côte d’Azur, and presents a unique perspective on 20th century art.

Mougins, a quintessential destination on the French Riviera, seamlessly blends history, culture, art, and gastronomy in an enchanting setting. Its panoramic views, narrow cobbled streets, and centuries-old stone houses create an authentically atmospheric experience. Nestled between the sea and the mountains, this medieval village's picturesque charm has captivated numerous artists.


It was in this idyllic location that Christian Levett first established the Mougins Museum of Classical Art in 2011. During its 12 years of existence, it rapidly became a popular cultural destination showcasing his collection of antiquities juxtaposed with classically inspired artworks. In Summer 2023, Levett, the former British investor passionate about art and history, declared, "After almost 30 years of collecting art, my tastes have evolved, and I think it's time for the museum to evolve as well."


On 21st June 2024, the museum, now renamed FAMM (Female Artists of the Mougins Museum),  unveiled over a hundred works by more than 80 artists from around the world. This exhibition represents an exhilarating artistic journey—from visionary Impressionists to daring Surrealists, through tumultuous abstraction and bold representations of the human body, leading to the intimate and raw expressions of 21st-century female artists. FAMM proudly provides a dedicated platform for exhibiting works by female artists, addressing historical imbalances in their recognition and appreciation. The remarkable artworks on display offer visitors a rare chance to explore the universal essence of art, with each artist contributing to enriching and reshaping the grand narrative of art history.

Hanina Fine Arts was delighted to provide Marie Raymond’s 1961 masterwork “Montagne” for the collection.