Le Monde Moderne

This major exhibition celebrates the liberation of aesthetics and the rapid proliferation of new artistic ideologies in early twentieth century Europe through avant-garde artistic statements from Cubism to CoBrA,  including international artists Jean Metzinger, Adolf Fleischmann, Henry Moore, and Olivier Debré.


Beginning with an important Cubist painting by Jean Metzinger the author of the movement’s treatise “Du Cubisme” in 1911, and who has recently been the subject of a major retrospective in the USA. “Tête  de  Femme  et  Maison” was painted in the 1920’s. Adolf Fleischmann’s major early work “Hommage à Delaunay et Gleizes” from the 1930’s has been included in both the artist’s recent museum retrospectives in Germany and represents the establishment of geometrical abstraction, Fleischmann espoused Constructivist ideals and later became the pre-cursor of Op Art.  The powerful post-war work “Signe Musicien” by Olivier Debré exemplifies the height of Modernism, Debré is one of France’s most esteemed Abstract Expressionist painters. Amongst the various sculptures in the exhibition are works by Arman, Henri-George Adam, and one of Henry Moore’s most expressionistic sculptures, the 1953 bronze “Warrior’s Head” which marks an important development in the artist’s use of assemblage and is one the few male figures the artist ever represented.